Many of you will remember "Little Bertha", the wooden cannon which served as a traveling trophy between the Faribault Falcons and our arch rival, the Northfield Raiders.  Back in the day, one football victory or two basketball victories would secure the trophy for display in the trophy case of the victorious school.

When Northfield left the Big Nine Conference, Faribault and Northfield no longer played each other and the trophy virtually disappeared from view.  It was recentely re-discovered gathering dust the office of the Faribault Falcons Athletic Director.

Well, with Northfield's return to the Big Nine, interest was rekindled in having the respective athletic teams once again battle for the right to display Little Bertha.  Along with others, our classmate Marian (Krupp) Bahl was instrumental in resurrecting the trophy and the rivalry it produced over the years.

Alas, on Friday, September 15th, the re-inauguration of the tradition of battling for Little Bertha did not go well for our Falcons.  The Northfield Raiders emerged triumphant over Freddy and his crew by a score of 24-0.  Hopefully, things will go better during the basketball season.



For summaries and pictures of previous Class Luncheons, Reunions, and other get together's, CLICK HERE


It is important to stay in touch, so as your contact information changes (what with retirements, "moving to the lake", etc.) be sure to contact either of the following with the latest information so that we can contact you with all the class news and updates, along with information regarding future class gatherings.

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Our next Class Luncheon will be held on October 5, 2017, at the Porter Creek Restaurant in Burnsville. Porter Creek is located on County Road 42, just West of the Burnsville Mall.  Festivities begin at 11:30.  As usual, the Restaurant has requested that we provide them with an approximate head count so they know how many spaces to reserve,  You can register by clicking on the link below,

Register For Our October 5th Luncheon

Hope to see you all there!


On September 17, 2017, 21 classmates and significant others gathered at Winjum's Shady Acres.  Watch this space for pictures of the gathering coming soon!SQUARE!


CLASS LUNCHEON - April 20, 2017

A cool April day was no match for the warmth of yet another gathering of the Class of '61 as 33 classmates, spouses and others gathered at Winjum's Shady Acres for our Spring Luncheon.  CLICK HERE to view a slide show of the event.


RED SWEATER LUNCHEON - December 8, 2016

A cold, snowy, blustery day could not chill the spirits of 43 classmates and spouses as they gathered at the Faribault Country Club on December 8, 2016, for our Seventh Annual Red Sweater Luncheon.   As usual, lively conversation and excellent food made the gathering all the more festive.  View pictures of the gathering by Clicking Here.


CLASS LUNCHEON - October 20, 2016    

It was a beautiful but windy day when some 23 classmates and spouses gathered at Porter Creek in Burnsville for our Fall Luncheon.  As usual, the conversation was lively and the food excellent.  Unfortunately, a malfunction of the camera of your intrepid webmaster yielded no pictures of the event.  If anyone has pictures, please forward them to Butch Welsandt and I will see that they get added to the site.



Our 55th Class Reunion, held August 19-20, 2016, was a roaring success!  Some 80 classmates, spouses, and significant others attended the event of Friday evening, while 71 attended the gathering on Saturday.

 To view pictures of the gathering on Saturday, Click Here.