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Thought y'all might appreciate this bit of history about the FHS fight song. (Thanks to the class of '63 and Pete Loken.)

I (Pete Loken) received a copy of a page fro the year book (1958) that said the song was written by Mr. Theodore Estabrook and Miss Marie Worrell in 1933. (Thanks for finding it, Mr. Tetzloff.)

At that time the official school song was "On Faribault", sung to "On Wisconsin". In search of a better song, the authors sat down at the piano and began trying out new tunes and lyrics. The result was a song called "Green and White". At a huge bonfire at the football field, the "On Faribault" song was sung for the last time and thrown into the fire and "Green and White" became the new school song. The song writers weren't satisfied. They continued to work and came up with the "Fight Song". In about 1946, Mr. Estabrook wrote words to the "Washington and Lee Swing" for a pep assembly. It caught on quickly and soon replaced "Green and White". Still the "Fight Song" was sung.

According to the article, there were now two official school songs. The "Falcon Swing" was easier for other school bands to play, because the melody was known to everyone. However, there was still the original school song, the "Fight Song".


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