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  The teacher who had the biggest impact on my life was Zane Chaffee (I hope I am spelling that correctly). He had a huge impact on me because he insisted on absolute truth as a value. Although I was impressed with his thinking and completely impacted by his ideas, I never could accept the idea that absolute truth was a valid way to approach life. I believed then and still believe that everything is relative. It is almost always wrong to take a life, but on occasion we have to act in self defense or go to war. It is almost always wrong to leave a spouse, but there are occasions when men batter wives or alcoholism destroys a marriage. Life is very complicated. I think that values and standards are extremely important and that people need to live principle centered lives which focus on spiritual truth, but somehow I still cannot accept the idea that any truth is absolute. The reason that Mr. Chaffee had such an impression on me is that he challenged this strongly held belief and forced me to examine my values and to solidify my perception about truth.


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