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Here is a unique memory that Marcia and I share with several other Garfield 5th grade Girl Scouts. We were all so excited about going on a cook out in this nice field near the river not too far from Garfield. We were really well prepared for the experience by our scout leaders. I was one of those who got to help the leaders set up camp while some of the other scouts went over a hill to collect firewood near the river. Shortly, these model girl scouts came running back over the hill yelling "There's boys swimming in the river and THEY DON'T HAVE ANY CLOTHES ON!" Well, it was exciting, and the next thing I remember I was running with a whole pack of Girl Scouts to the edge of the hill as our poor, dear Leaders tried to call us back. We ignored their pleas and got just a glimpse of that Norman Rockwell scene of boys skinny dipping in the river before guilt set in and we headed back to camp. That was our last cook out.

Still laughing, Carolyn (Nelson) Fritz and Marcia (Wilkowske) Sterling


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