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Did you know? That Treasure Cave Blue cheese is milk turned into curds, then formed into twenty-five pound 'wheels'. A mass of bacteria is injected into the wheel and it ages back in the cool caves for 70 days (I think). Then the wax shell is removes before it is cut into pieces for the market. Tried working there one summer and to this day I can't stand blue cheese.

Did you know? You can walk the concrete slopes under the viaduct across the Straight River? We used to walk the slopes in order to chalk or paint our names on the underside of the bridge, 80 feet above the river. That's an 'Eastside' story.

My favorite grade school memories were of skating on the ice rink behind Washington Elementary, and listening to the old jukebox in the warming house play Peggy Lee, Johnny Ray, and Rosemary Clooney.

Do you remember? "Green door . . . what's that secret you're keepin'?"


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