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I find that my memories of junior high -- and that fabulous lunch hour -- are stronger than memories of senior high.

Remember Mr. Knutsen and Mr. Chapman, the 7th grade homeroom teachers? (I taught Knutsen's youngest son years later, and realized it was he who was born when we were in 7th grade!) And then in 8th grade I was in Mrs. Swanberg's homeroom, and I can't remember who the other 8th grade homeroom teacher was. Or were there more than 2 homerooms -- must have been. I remember being shocked at finding out classes were divided into X, Y, and Zs, depending on how "smart" you were. (I think really it was parents' income, wasn't it?)

Does anyone remember Bobbi Baldwin? And the guys who were the "hoods"? I can only remember Bruce Eastman, but there must have been others. Oh yeah, Bob Aldrich. And how important your "reputation" was -- basically, I think, not having one was what you were supposed to do.

I remember Mr. Knutson, the algebra teacher, throwing an eraser at the chalkboard and learning years later that that's a math teacher affectation. He also gave us a long lecture the day after the Russians launched Sputnik! And coming from the East, I had to learn the differences between Swedes and Norwegians and how you couldn't mix them up. And of course the dances in the gym; that is what introduced me to all the great music of the '50s (and can you believe your kids are still listening to it?) and having to walk through the gym and the boiler room to get to Gene Lohman's English class. (I ended up teaching with him for a number of years in Minneapolis -- I think he ended up a frustrated HS teacher who should have pushed on and gotten the degree he needed to teach at university.) And Zane Chaffee, whom my first husband taught with at UW - River Falls, but Chaffee was so anti-social by that time that he came out of the woods (literally) only to teach his classes.



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