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Take A Stroll With Me

Take a stroll with me . . . close your eyes . . . and go back . . . before the internet, before color TV.

I'm talking about sitting on the curb, sitting on the stoop, about Hide And Go Seek, Simon Says, Red Light - Green Light, lunch boxes with a thermos, chocolate milk, going home for lunch.

Penny candy from the store, hopscotch, butterscotch, skates with keys, jacks.

Hula hoops and sunflower seeds, wax lips and mustaches, Ardis Serls saddle shoes and bobby socks, and Coke bottles with the names of cities on the bottom.

Running through the sprinkler, circle pins, bobby pins, Mickey Mouse Club, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Kookla, Fran, & Ollie, Axel & Carmen.

When around the corner seemed far away, and going down town seemed like going somewhere. Climbing trees, making forts, lemonade stands, cops & robbers, cowboys & Indians, staring at the clouds, jumping on the bed, pillow fights, walking to the movie theater, running till you were out of breath, laughing so hard that your stomach hurt.

Sock hops at Washington School, where you learned how to Lindi any do The Stroll and after that walking downtown to the Olympia for a cherry coke, and then your mom would pick you up.

Ice skating at Wapacuta Park and not wearing a cap because that wasn't cool.

How about the homecoming snake dance and bondfire down at Teepeetonka Park, snaked all the way up town and guess where you ended up? (The Olympia.)

Those long noon hours in the old high school where you had a choice of a movie in the auditorium or dancing in the Old Gym till the bell rang - - - boy, what a time.

Buying two hot dogs and a Coke at the court house and sitting on the court house lawn, or going downtown to Meyer's Hobby Shop for a hamburger.

How about going to a party and having the Morelan sisters sing - - - or having the Combo play - - - Jim Hanson - - - Jack Winjum - - - Jack Weaver - - - Harold Weatherson - - - Roy Welsandt - - - Russ Seeely.

How about our senior girls tired of just G.R.A. and cheerleading and starting the Falconettes, which it the start of today's dance line.

Little Bertha - - - the little cannon you would put your life down to beat Northfield for.

Mr. Tiesberg in that white suit directing the band in concert and then playing 14 marches, or Mrs. Silvis directing the choir with her silver hair.

Duck tails and Elvis - - - Buddy Hollie - - - the Everly Brothers - - - American Bandstand, where Dick Clark had all those Philadelphia dancers teaching us all the latest new dance steps.

Gus's Cafe with the juke box - - - and finally, how could we forget McKinley Rec Center 2nd floor.

After 40 years we have spread out all over the world but we have one thing in common:



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