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I remember "swats" in gym class from Mr. McIntyre and Mr. Luchsinger when you forgot to bring your gym clothes to school ("Assume the position"). I remember the senior football players "parking" the front end of Mr. Lohman's VW beetle on one of the white posts that lined the street between the old high school building and the courthouse. I remember lunch time movies, homecoming "beanies" (no, not Beanie Babies, but the ones you actually wore on your head), visiting the Olympia after basketball games for lemon Cokes and the best onion rings in the world (50 cents would buy you a heaping plateful). I remember "Tuesday" School (or "Religious Release" as it was also called) and the way you had to check the hanging schedule outside of the main office to see how the classes were rotated each week (anyone besides me ever show up at the wrong class on Tuesday?), and the All School Assemblies. (Anyone else remember that one where the fellow showed all of the amazing effects of super cooled gases, including freezing a hot dog and using it to pound in a nail or the concert by the University of Minnesota Marching Band which started with a rendition of the Minnesota Rouser that blew the ceiling off the auditorium?) I remember listening to the mysterious "beeping" of Sputnik in Mr. Knutsen's science class and having only four minutes to get from his class room on the third floor down to the locker room to get ready for gym class (where being late could earn you another "swat").

I remember the smell of fresh paint and new construction in the new high school on the first day of class, listening to the final game of the 1960 World Series in Mr. Chaffee's English class and paying off a bet I had with him (a whole dollar) when Bill Mazerowski of the Pittsburgh Pirates hit a home run in the bottom of the ninth inning to beat the New York Yankees, learning proper "dining out" etiquette in Mrs. Reinke's English class and the culmination of the semester being a bus trip to Minneapolis to see "My Fair Lady" live on stage and eating dinner in a fancy restaurant, the dances after the football games, "Father" Estabrook leading us all in singing during lunch hour and in assemblies, and milling about in the lunch room in our caps and gowns as we waited to march into the auditorium to graduate.

I wasn't too aware of the passage of time until this past summer when I played in a golf tournament and our team captain was Bubby Schmitz's son. Made me feel OLD!

Where HAS the time gone?


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