Our party was held on the farm of Tommy Kramer, near Hayfield, MN.  As it turns out, Tommy played quarterback for the Vikings.  And no, it was not that Tommy Kramer and not those Vikings.  When in high school, Tommy played QB for the Hayfield Vikings.

A successful farmer and hog producer, Tommy has developed an event center on his farm as his way of giving back to the community.  The center serves as a gathering place for local teens as well as a super venue for weddings, reunions, and parties such as ours.

The highlight of the center is the recreation of the cafe and soda fountain, straight out of the 1950s.  

The story of how it came to be is quite interesting. Tommy was searching for an authentic Coca Cola vending machine to add to the center,  While searching the internet, he ran across a picture of what looked like exactly what he wanted,  


The Beginning of it All.
He contacted the person offering the machine, who happened to live in New Orleans and asked him if he was interested in selling. He man said "Yes, but with one provision. You have to buy my entire cafe."  Turns out, the man had lost his business as a result of Hurricane Katrina.  He wanted to sell all the fixtures of the place, but because of sentimental reasons, wanted to sell it to someone who would keep everything together and use it, not just let it collect dust in some shed or sell it off piecemeal.  After thinking it over, Tommy decided to buy everything and have it all transported up to Minnesota, where he recreated the cafe.

The venue has become quite popular and is heavily booked, in some cases, up to a year in advance.  Tommy does no advertising and relies strictly on "word of mouth" to attract new visitors.  We were most fortunate to become aware of this amazing place and to have our 75 birthday party celebration there.

Enjoy the picture galleries of the cafe, the party, and the awesome garden, which is the pride and joy of Tommy's wife.


THE VENUE               THE PARTY               THE GARDEN



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