This page contains special memories of the late Jim Warren who served FSHS for many years as a teacher, coach, and assistant principal.  He was loved, feared, and respected by all who knew him. Rest In Peace, Jim.  We all miss you.

James B. Warren, age 92, longtime resident of Faribault, died on Sunday, August 16, 2015 at Faribault Senior Living.
Memorial services were held at Fourth Avenue United Methodist Church, Faribault on Monday, August 24, 2015, with the Reverends John and Judy McEachran.  A private family interment took place later at Meadow Ridge Memorial Park.
Jim was born on December 25, 1922 in Superior, Wisconsin.  He was the son of Basil C. Warren and Ruth Warren Messner.  Jim grew up in Hibbing, Minnesota, and graduated from Hibbing High School.  He attended and graduated from St. Cloud State where he met his future wife, Lorraine Gundershaug.  During World War II, Jim served his country in the U.S. Army, 96th Infantry Division. He was awarded the Purple Heart during combat in the Philippines.
Jim and Lorraine were married on December 23, 1946 and Jim began his career as a high school social studies teacher and coach for the Faribault Public Schools in 1947.  In 1963 he became the assistant principal of Faribault Senior High School and remained in that position until he retired in December of 1982.
A close friend of Jim’s recently said he was passionate about the students at Faribault Senior High School and about Faribault.  Jim was also one of the high school’s biggest sports fans.  In 1996 he was inducted into the Faribault Sports Hall of Fame for his role in the development and advancement of amateur sports in the Faribault area.
He is survived by his three children, Scott (and Paula) Warren of Mason City, IA, Dr. Bryan Warren of Vadnais Heights, and Dr. Kris (and Kevin) Samsel of Burnsville.  He is also survived by five grandchildren, Peter Warren of Estes Park, CO, Steven Warren of Tulsa, OK, Mark (and Kimberly) Warren of Shoreview, Dr. David Warren of St. Paul, and Cally Warren of Denver, CO; and two great grand-daughters, Lauryn and Evelyn.
He was preceded in death by his parents; his wife, Lorraine; and daughter-in-law, Bonnie Warren.
In lieu of flowers, memorials may be directed to Faribault Area Public School Educational Trust Fund (FAPSETF) or Hospice Advantage, Lakeville.


  Memories From:  
Marian (Krupp) Bahl --
This is my most memorable Mr. Warren story:

Remember back in the old Junior/Senior High School, when we had noon hour dancing and movies, or we could go outside to run down to the Olympia or get a hot dog at the Court House?  (Studying was probably an option, too, but not one that I remember!)  If you went outside, you were to stay outside until the bell rang.

Well, one day, some of us went OUT but decided we'd rather be IN.  Someone came out that southeast door, by the auditorium where the movies were shown.  We caught the door and snuck in very quietly.  We t-i-p-t-o-e-d s-l-o-w-l-y up the stairs where Mr. Warren jumped out: BOO!!!

We flew down those steps so fast - I don't think we touched more than 2 of them!

Mr. Warren ruled!  He tread the narrow path between Fear and Respect.  Sadly, he couldn't get away with most of his antics today, and that's a shame.  He taught us, and some of our children, to respect the rules, respect each other, and respect ourselves.

  William (Buck) Roach --
My family lived next door to Jim and Lorraine Warren and their three kids throughout high school and beyond.
He started out as Mr. Warren, then Coach and finally Jim.  I have to admit the first time I called him Jim I was nervous.  I was, though, never fearful of him.
Jim and Lorraine were very proud of their kids’ professional and academic successes.  One of the kids was I think working on a scout merit badge by catching butterflies.  Coach got into it big time.  You could frequently see him leading a group of young kids off to catch butterflies with the net over his shoulder.
Jim swam almost every day.  And he went to the movies many days by himself.  The Paradise/Village theaters let him attend free every ten movies.
I last talked to Jim and Lorraine in January, 2006.  Jim had just celebrated his 65th high school reunion and Lorraine her 64th.  They kept current with my family through my brother Ed.  Of course they also mentioned many happenings with their kids.
I hope some of the classic school stories come out.  He was such a nice man.

Pete Deem & Jim Hanson --

You remember as well as I do playing a not so good football game in Northfield and driving back in pads and holding a practice.  I think we were sophomores at best but I remember Jim being not too happy with our performance and giving us a pretty full practice.
He was one of those guys who always wanted to win but wanted you to give your all.
My poor memory recalls that that particular game we didn't give much of an effort. After high school I didn't see Jim much since I went to school and then went into the Air Force and didn't get to town much.

I’ll add my memory of that football game you can add to Pete’s.
As I recall, the B squad football team had just been given “new” uniforms. They were hand-me-downs from the varsity.  They were a big improvement over what we had been wearing.
After losing the game, the Northfield coach remarked to Jim Warren as we were loading the bus that “at least you had nice uniforms.” I think that didn’t set too well with Coach Warren.  Pete is correct, we had pretty much a full practice after we got back from Northfield.  I think all of us who were on that team remember that more than any of the games we played.

  Jim Hanson --
I wasn’t able to attend Jim Warren’s funeral but did go for the visitation.  By chance both Tip Enebak and Bruce Kruger were there at the same time.  I hadn’t seen Bruce Kruger since he left Faribault to go to Harvard after his senior year.  
As we were talking he shared one of his memories of Jim Warren dating to when Pat Handy was tragically killed.  Many of you may remember Pat and what a shock that was.  Pat and Bruce were in the same class and played on the tennis team.  Pat was killed in the fall during football season.  Both Bruce Kruger and Jim Plotnik were tennis team mates of Pat and were pall bearers at his funeral.
There was a football practice after the funeral and both Bruce and Jim came to practice after the funeral.  Needless to say, neither one really had their heart in the practice. Head coach, Jim Christen, was yelling at them for not carrying out their assignments.  This went on for awhile until Jim Warren yelled at Christen that he wanted to talk to him.  Bruce said that after Warren got done “talking” to Christen not another word was said to either he or Jim.
Roy (Butch) Welsandt --

My favorite memory of Jim Warren comes from when we were in seventh or eight grade.  That was back when there was no junior high and all the grades were together in the old high school building.  The student body had gathered in the auditorium for an all school assembly, but I don't remember the topic was.
At one point in the assembly, one of the star football players started to "act up" with his buddies.  (I won't mention the name of the player out of respect but he was well known and quite popular in the school.)
Jim apparently had seen enough for he came storming down the aisle, reached across several people to grab the guy by the collar, pulled him out into the aisle, and with one hand on the scruff of the fellow's neck and the other hand grabbing him by the seat of the pants, proceeded to "frog march" him out of the auditorium.  Seconds later we heard the familiar "slam into the lockers" that Jim was so well known for.  That was the last time that guy ever caused a disturbance in assembly!
Needless to say, those were simpler times.  Nobody ever doubted that Jim Warren was a master of "making his point".  A teacher couldn't get away with that today, but back then it was a very effective way to enforce discipline!

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